Microtitre Plate Shaker Incubator

Microtitre Plate Shaker Incubator

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Microtitre Plate Shaker Incubator

  1. Ideal shaking action for microtitre plates
  2. Combined Incubator shaker
  3. Optimised performance to minimize sample evaporation
  4. Digital display for temperature and speed
  5. Integrated timer
  6. Retractable platform for easy loading and unloading

Specification of Microtitre Plate Shaker Incubator

Temperature range

Ambient + 7Deg C to 60Deg C


4 x Microtitre plate or 2 x microtube racks

Temperature display resolution

0.1Deg C

Temperature fluctuation

± 0.5Deg C at 37Deg C

Temperature variation

<0.6Deg C at 37DegC

Temperature precision

± 0.5Deg C at 37Deg C

Speed range

250 to 1250rpm

Speed control

Digital set in 10rpm increments


min/sec, hour/min, days/hours

Orbit diameter, mm


Platform size, mm

220 x 220

Relative humidity

~80% (using water trays)

Internal dimensions, mm (w x d x h)

307 x 300 x 190

Maximum load, kg


Overall dimensions, mm (w x d x h)

361 x 405 x 430

Net weight, kg


Heater power, W


Electrical supply

230V, 50Hz, 250W