Microtomography SkyScan 1174

Microtomography SkyScan 1174

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Microtomography SkyScan 1174


  1. 50kV maintenance-free X-ray source
  2. Cooled 1.3 megapixel x-ray camera
  3. Down to 6µm 3D spatial resolution
  4. Scanning during compression, tension, cooling
  5. 2D/3D image analysis and realistic visualization


  1. X-ray source: 20-50kV, 40W maximum power, filter holder for energy selection
  2. X-ray detector: 1.3Mp CCD coupled to scintillator by lens with 1:6 zoom range
  3. Spatial Resolution: 6...30 µm pixel size, approximately 10 µm low-contract resolution
  4. Object Size: 5 - 30mm in diameter, 50mm in length (50mm vertical travel)
  5. Reconstruction: GPU-accelerated volumetric reconstruction (Feldkamp algorithm)
  6. Optional stages: Micropositioning, cooling, heating, compression/extension
  7. Radiation safety: <1 µSv/h at 10cm from the instrument surface