Microtomography SkyScan 1272

Microtomography SkyScan 1272

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Microtomography SkyScan 1272


  1. More than 200 Megapixel (14450 x 14450 pixels) in every virtual slice through objects
  2. More than 2600 such slices can be reconstructed after a single scan
  3. Due to phase-contrast enhancement, object details down to 0.4um can be detected
  4. 20-100kV maintenance-free X-ray source, 6-position automatic filter changer
  5. Maximum scanning diameter - 75mm, integrated micro positioning stage
  6. 2D/3D image analysis, surface and volume rendering
  7. Optional 16-position sample changer with auto adjustment of magnification and scanning protocol


  1. X-ray source: 20-100kV,10W,<5µm spot size @ 4W
  2. X-ray detector: 16Mp or 11Mp, 14-bit cooled CCD fiber-optically coupled to scintillator
  3. Maximum object size: 75mm in diameter using offset scan (27mm in fast single scan)
  4. Detail detectability: 0.35µm (16Mp) or 0.45um (11Mp) at highest magnification
  5. Reconstruction : Single PC or cluster multithreaded CPU/GPU 3D reconstruction
  6. Optional stages:  Cooling, heating, compression / tension
  7. Radiation safety: <1 µSv/h at 10cm from the instrument surface