Microtomography SKYSCAN 1275

Microtomography SKYSCAN 1275

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Microtomography SKYSCAN 1275


  1. This highly automated micro-CT system allows pushbutton operation with a preselected sequence of actions including scanning, reconstruction and volume rendering
  2. A wide range of X-ray energies 20-100kV and small spot size in the X-ray source plus multiple filter options allow optimal scanning conditions to be selected for any particular application
  3. This scanner has a generous object size range up to 96mm in diameter and 100 mm in length, and can be used for large samples including industrial parts and assemblies
  4. The distortion-free flat-panel active pixel 3Mp detector includes a fiber-optic plate to ensure long lifetime and the highest possible reconstruction quality and accuracy
  5. Shortest scanning time is 80 seconds
  6. GPU-accelerated 3D reconstruction supports all image formats with speed-up 5-10 times compared to conventional CPU based reconstruction


Technical Details:


  1. X-ray source: 20-100 kV, 10 W, < 5 µm spot size @ 4 W
  2. X-ray detector: 3Mp (1944x1536 pixels) active pixel CMOS flat panel
  3. Maximum object size: 96 mm diameter, 120 mm height
  4. Reconstruction: GPU-accelerated FDK reconstruction as standard
  5. Optional stages : micro-positioning, cooling, heating, compression/tension
  6. Radiation safety: <1 µSv/h at 10cm from the instrument surface