Microtomography SkyScan 1278

Microtomography SkyScan 1278

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Microtomography SkyScan 1278

  1. Shortest full-body animal scan takes 8 seconds or less with typical dose less than 6 mGy
  2. The system has around 50 µm nominal resolution at any place of 80 mm scanning diameter and 200 mm scanning length,
  3. Fast and very sensitive flat-panel detector resolving dynamics of mouse heart and lungs activities even without using a contrast agent


  1. X-ray source: 20…65kV, 50W, 50µm spot size, 4-position filter changer
  2. X-ray detector: flat panel CMOS sensor, 1944x1536 pixels, 14bit
  3. Scanning Diameter: 80mm in diameter; 200mm in length (80mm in length in one single scan)
  4. Nominal Resolution: <52µm at any location in the scanned volume
  5. Reconstruction volume: up to 1536x1536x1566 pixels
  6. Reconstruction time: mouse size (40mm diam., 80mm length) 13s for 100µm pixels, 45s for 50µm;
  7. Rat size (80mm diam., 80mm length) 24s for 100µm pixels, 3m50s for 50µm          
  8. Radiation safety: <1 µSv/h at 10cm from the instrument surface