Microwave Digestion System MWD600

Microwave Digestion System MWD600

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Microwave Digestion System MWD600

MWD-600 is a new developed microwave digestion system with all vessels temperature and pressure control. With IR temperature measurement method, our digestion system can realize real-time temperature monitoring of each individual sample. With special mechanic design, the consumable free microwave digestion system is of safety and friendly operation and durability.  


  1. 60L industrial grade chamber is made of 316 stainless steel with PFA coating to prevent emissions and corrosions.
  2. Intelligent protection system will alarm and self protect when temperature and pressure turn to abnormal conditions which ensures operation safety.
  3. Contact free temperature and pressure measurement which avoids cross-contamination.
  4. Outer vessel made of PEEK glass which prevents corrosion and high temperature is high quality material which assures operation safety
  5. The system is design to avoid of leakage after over-pressure release which saves batch samples and solutions so as to reduce cost.
  6. The system is design to avoid of leakage after over-pressure release which saves batch samples and solutions so as to reduce cost.
  7. The system releases pressure vertically to ensure safety during operation.
  8. The continuous 360°rotation design assures even digestion and makes system shelf life longer.
  9. lid locking design with multiple protection greatly improves use’s ease of handing.
  10. Lid locking design with multiple protection greatly improves user’s ease of handling.
  11. 12 vessels/batch digestion capacity improves sample preparation efficiency. Individual frame for each vessel makes operation convenient and meets different application requirements.
  12. Multi safety protection functions double door prevention, temperature monitoring, high temperature prevention, pressure monitoring, high pressure prevention, instruments abnormal sound monitoring, and lid locking prevention.
  13. No consumables are necessary for the microwave digestion system for use which makes uses more convenient..



Round  Oven Chamber Design



Pressure Control

Full Scanning

Pressure Measurement


Temperature Control

Full Scanning

Temperature Measurement


Vessel Material

Inner Vessel:Imported TFM;Outer Vessel:Imported PEEK+ glass fiber

Material of Explosion-Proof Frame

Polypropylene Glass Fiber

Maximum Working Pressure

10 MPa

Maximum Working Temperature


Temperature Limit


Chamber Volume



8 Inch Touch Screen

Pressure Control Range

0-6 MPa (0-60kg/cm2)

Pressure Control Accuracy


Microwave Power

2000W(0~2000 adjustable)

Microwave Frequency


Rotation Mode

360° continuous rotation

Microwave Leakage

<5mW/ cm2


AC 220V,10A,50/60Hz