Microwave Synthesis System

Microwave Synthesis System

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Microwave Synthesis System

As the latest multifunction microwave chemistry reaction platform of Microwave Chemistry Technology microwave synthesis/extraction reaction workstation, that can meet various experiment plans, has a rational, friendly and simple operation design. It is widely used in researches, such as organic synthesis, pharmaceutical chemistry, organic extraction, food science, analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, protein research, petrochemical engineering and materials chemistry, etc. supplies a versatile reaction platform that is superior to regular heating method



  1. Power supply: 220-240 VAC 50/60Hz 9A
  2. Microwave source: 2450MHz,0-1000W continous and automatic adjustment withtemperature programming, PID technology
  3. Microwave oven cavity: Stainless steel cavity with large volume, multilayer anticorrosive PFA ptfe painting.
  4. Temperature measurement control system: Dual-channel temperature detection (DTD) technology, automatic judgement temperature measurement mode. infrared temperature measurement range 0℃ to 900℃ with deviation of ±1℃, Pt100 thermocouple temperature measurement range 0 to 300℃with deviation of ±1℃.
  5. Operating temperature: standard configuration instrument’s maximum operating temperature is 300℃ and the maximum theoretical operating temperature is 900℃ (peculiar configuration).
  6. Video system: Standard configuration photographic device built-in furnace chamber and 7’’ color TFT-LCD monitor. Reaction process will be displayed in time.
  7. Stirring system  Standard configuration magnetic stirring system with revolving speed of 30 to 1600 r/min, digital mechanical paddle-type stirring system with revolving speed of 30 to1700 r/min.
  8. Reaction vessel  50-1000ml standard reaction vessel, condenser, backflow and liquid adding accessory.
  9. Operating ambient temperature/humidity: 0-40 °C / 15-80% RH
  10. Complete machine physical size: 450*515*510mm (width x depth x height)