Mini Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet

Mini Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet

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Mini Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet

The Mini Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet is a small work-station suitable for handling products that need to be protected against non-pathogenic airborne contamination. The compact, portable cabinet can be easily moved and positioned on benchtops of a variety of different laboratories. It is suitable for various requirements such as non-pathogenic microbiology and cell culture manipulation.

Specification of Mini Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet

  1. Construction : corrosion-resistant epoxy powder painted carbon steel.
  2. Transparent side walls: safety glass.
  3. Work surface: Punched AISI-304L stainless steel, to ensure flow laminarity and air recycling at the work surface level. An air slot at the front aperture provides a protective barrier for product.
  4. Absolute filter: HEPA filter tested with D. O. P. aerosol. Their efficiency, higher than 99.999% at 0.3 micron particle size -0.001% penetration (H14) -guarantees performance exceeding requirements.
  5. Motor blower: direct coupled motor, electronic speed controlled to maintain a constant air flow of 0.45 m/sec, and compensate for a partially clogged filter, up to a maximum pressure of 35 mm of water.
  6. Power Supply: 220 V, 50 Hz, single phase.
  7. Lighting: remote mounted fluorescent light, outside sterile area.