Mono Distilling Apparatus

Mono Distilling Apparatus

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Mono Distilling Apparatus 

  • Mono-distilling apparatus without storage tank, suitable for table setting.
  • Very good distillate quality, conductance approx. 2.3 ¼s / cm at 25 ° C.
  • Thermostatic water deficiency protection.
  • Energy saving by distillation of the heated cooling water.
  • Distillation bubble easily accessible for cleaning purposes.
  • Distillate removal by drain pipe on the condenser.
  • CO 2 degassing opening on the condenser.
  • Temperature display of the cooling water by thermometer.
  • Tube radiator, distillation bubble and stainless steel condenser
  • Housing made of electrolytically galvanized sheet steel, electrostatically powdercoated with epoxy resin.
  • Cooling water inlet and outlet 1/2 "( approx. 12.7 mm).
  • Hoses for water supply and drainage are available as additional equipment.

Mono Distilling Apparatus 


2 l / h


About 2.3 ¼s / cm at 25° C *

Type of distillation



Stainless steel



Cooling water required

Approx. 20 l / h

Reservoir contents

Without storage tank

Additional features

Required cooling water pressure

1 to 2 bar

Outside dimensions 

(W x D x H)

280 x 250 x 490 mm

Electrical connection

230 V / 50 ... 60 Hz / 2.0 kW **

Net weight

Approx. 7.5 kg

Gross weight (carton)

Approx. 10.0 kg

Gross weight (crate)

Approx. 22.0 kg