Mould Cultivation Cabinet

Mould Cultivation Cabinet

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Mould Cultivation Cabinet         

This equipment is widely used in environmental protection, epidemic prevention, workshop, chemical pharmaceutical, drug test, fishery and other areas of research experiment and production department. It is the specialized thermostatic equipment for water analysis, BOD test, and bacteria, moulds and microorganism cultivation and storage, as well as plant cultivation and seed-breeding test.



  1. Stainless steel inner chamber with the semicircular arcs at corners for easy cleaning convenient to clean, space between shelves is adjustable.
  2. Micro-computer control system ensures precise and reliable temperature control; LCD enables multiple groups of data to be displayed at a time; ultraviolet germicidal lamp.
  3. Independent humidification, sterilization and temperature limit system with function of over temperature alarm and auto-power-cut-off.
  4. Test hole of ¢52mm at left side of container.
  5. Double airtight door structure
  6. Fluoride-free refrigeration