MTP Carousel Tissue Processor

MTP Carousel Tissue Processor

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MTP Carousel Tissue Processor

The MTP Carousel Tissue Processor guarantees gentle and highly reliable specimen processing in conjunction with state of the art control features. The specimen throughput can be doubled to 240 cassettes per run with a second transport basket. For faster and substantially improved processing of tissue, the instrument can optionally be equipped with vacuum units for all paraffin beakers or all positions including reagent beakers. An integrated battery ensures highest process safety even in environments with frequent power failures. Hazardous fumes are efficiently eliminated by a fume extraction system thereby increasing user safety.

Specification of MTP Carousel Tissue Processor




Rotating reagent table

Reagent container

10x reagent beakers (polyacetal, white, 2.000 ml)

2x electrically heated Paraffin beakers (aluminum, 2.000 ml)

Incubation time per position

up to 23 hours, 59 minutes, programmable


Lifting of basket, programmable

Drip off time per position


Transport basket

stainless steel, 120 cassettes

Process capacity

120 cassettes (Standard)

240 cassettes (2x Transport basket)

Temperature range Paraffin beaker

60 - 75 °C




Hood (optional)

Active carbon filter (optional)

Exhaust System (optional)

System Status Monitor

Sample safety

Integrated UPS

Remote Alarm module (optional)

Vacuum function

for 2x paraffin beakers

for 3x Paraffin beakers

for 10x reagent and 2x paraffin beakers)

for 9x reagent and 3x paraffin beakers)

Delayed start function

Delayed start up to 999 hours



4x Control elements

Dimensions [WxDxH]

870 x 870 x 700 mm

Weight [w/o accessories]

80 kg

Electrical parameters

100-240 V; 50-60 Hz; 250 W