Multi Function Universal Testing Machine

Multi Function Universal Testing Machine

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Multi Function Universal Testing Machine


  1. The largest test weight: 1000 KG(10KN)
  2. Test accuracy: grade 1,/ grade 0.5 (optional item)
  3. Stretch room: 850 mm (standard type), other dimensions could be customized
  4. Effective test width: 409mm, other dimensions could be customized
  5. Sampling rate: 100Hz
  6. Measurement range: 0.2%-100%FS(grade 1)
  7. Indicating value accuracy:1/500000
  8. Displacement value resolution:0.00004mm
  9. Displacement error of indication: within +/-0.2% of the indication value
  10. Displacement rate control range:0.001-500mm/min
  11. Displacement rate control accuracy: less than +/-0.2% of the value
  12. Indicating error of small deformation: less than+/-0.5%of the value 
  13. Measurement range of the small deformation:0.2%-100%FS
  14. Accuracy of the small deformation: 1/500000
  15. Indicating error of the large deformation: less than +/-1% of the value
  16. Constant force/deformation/displacement control range0.5%~100%FS
  17. Constant force, constant deformation, constant displacement control accuracy: set value <10%FS, within ±1.0% of set value, set value ≥10%FS, within ±0.1% of set value
  18. Small deformation indicated value error: within ±0.5% of indicated value
  19. Small deformation measurement range: 0.2%-100%FS
  20. Small deformation resolution ratio: 1/500000                
  21. Large deformation indicated value error: within±1% of indicated value
  22. Measurement range of the large deformation: 0-900m%
  23. Accuracy of the large deformation: 0.001mm



  1. High Accuracy: use AC servo motor and high accuracy ball screw system.
  2. High Performance: automatically identify rupture, reset and manual sampling function, meanwhile it can reach 9 languages quickly switch function.
  3. Superior Software Program: it can reach closed-loop control, record test data and results throughout, multi-graph analysis program.
  4. Multi-Function: it can do tensile, compression, bending, shearing, tear, peel test by diffierent fixtures. function