Multi Specimen Tester

Multi Specimen Tester

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Multi specimen Tester

Measures and displays a variety of friction and wear characteristics on various geometric test samples with different compositions and forms. Test configurations are easy to change on the instrument: single or multiple, sliding or rolling, point line or area contacts are available. A wide range of materials including coatings, lubricants, plastics, metals, polymers, ceramics, and composites can be analyzed. The test is performed by mounting a test samples into the spindle and rotating it against a stationary counter0face test specimen. The spindle rotation speed, normal load, and interface temperature can be user-adjusted in accordance with published standards.

Specification of Multispecimen Tester

  1. Normal Load: 5-1000 N
  2. Frictional Torque Measurement Range: 0 to 10 N
  3. Shaft Speed: 200-2000 rpm
  4. Wear Measurement: 0 to 2000 micrometers
  5. Non-rotating Sample Diameter/Diagonal: up to 80 mm
  6. Pin Sample Diameter: up to 8 mm
  7. Ball Diameter: 12.7 mm
  8. Non-rotating Sample Temperature: Ambient to 100°C
  9. Electrical Requirements

  • 220V, 60Hz
  • 380V, 50Hz