Multi Tube Vortexer

Multi Tube Vortexer

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Multi Tube Vortexer

Multi-Tube Vortex Mixer can process 50 samples at once a variety of accessories can be selected for your choice to meet the mixing needs of different specifications of test tube. Humanized program design, built-in two operation modes : short mix and fixed timing ,which make the experiment more convenient and efficient.


  1. Maximum process 50 samples at the same time to make the experiment more convenient and efficient
  2. Microprocessor control, simplistic designed appearance, LED display the speed and time.
  3. Humanized program design, built-in short mix and timing operation modes Operation stable and silent
  4. Large orbital vortex, performance effective Various types of foam tube frames and pads for option.


  1. Speed range: 500-2500rpm
  2. Speed accuracy: ±50rpm (@2500rpm detection)
  3. Timing range: 1s-9999min
  4. Working diameter: 4mm
  5. Maximum load: 5kg
  6. Top panel size: 311x184 mm;
  7. Dimensions: 426x250x480mm
  8. Weight: 21.5kg
  9. Power: 100-230V 50/60Hz 60W