Multifunctional Microwave Chemistry Reaction

Multifunctional Microwave Chemistry Reaction

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Multifunctional Microwave Chemistry Reaction


  1. Integrate the atmospheric pressure and pressurized reaction, microwave, ultrasonic wave and ultraviolet irradiation, giving full flexibility.
  2. 7-inch color LCD touch screen, intelligent software, safe and remote control.
  3. Maximum reaction volume of 2000 ml open vessel and 500 ml closed vessel.




  1. Power supply: 220-240VAC 50/60Hz 9A
  2. Microwave source: 2450MHz, 0-1000W, continuous, non-pulse and automatically adjustable along with the temperature program, PID technology
  3. Microwave oven chamber: Large volume, 316L stainless steel chamber, applied with multi-layer anticorrosive PFA ptfe spray inside and outside
  4. Temperature measuring and control system: Dual-channel temperature detection DTD technology, switchable control. Infrared temperature sensor range 0~900℃, precision ±1℃, PT-100 resistor temperature sensor range 0~250℃, precision ±1℃
  5. Pressure measuring and control system:  Piezoelectric crystal pressure sensor, pressure control range: 0~5MPa (750psl), precision of ±0.01 MPa
  6. Working temperature: standard configuration instrument’s maximum operating temperature is 300℃ and the maximum theoretical operating temperature is 900℃(peculiar configuration). The standard maximum working temperature of high-pressure reaction is 230℃.
  7. Working pressure: The standard maximum working pressure of high-pressure reaction is 2 MPa, with constant pressure control valve, and constant pressure value of 2 MPa.
  8. UV light source system: It can be equipped with two sets of ultraviolet light, with UV power of 300W and the dominant wavelength of 365nm (standard); UV power of 100W and the dominant wavelength of 254nm (optional)
  9. Ultrasonic system: Immersion ultrasonic launcher, with adjustable scope of ultrasound power: 0 - 800W, frequency of 28KHZ, and automatic frequency sweeping and frequency locking
  10. Stirring system: Digital constant speed mechanical stirring, with rotation speed of 30 - 1600r/min. It can realize real-time speed regulation and displays ±10r/grade, with torque of 300 N.m. It can stir clockwise or anticlockwise; Built-in magnetic stirring rotation speed of 0~800r/min, speed program is adjustable and of real-time display.
  11. High pressure reaction vessel: 100ml, 200ml and 500ml TFM high pressure digestion inner vessel,  aerospace composite fiber explosion-proof outer vessel, high-strength alloy frame
  12. Working environment temperature/humidity: 0~40℃/15~80% RH
  13. Physical size of whole machine: 500*625*580 (Width×depth×height), 48kg