Multimode Plate Reader

Multimode Plate Reader

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Multimode Plate Reader

  • Bench top unit with high-speed cell imaging reads microplate based assays in multiple modalities in a single run
  • Combines labeled, label-free and well-imaging technologies
  • Runs multimode plate reading within the same well
  • Modular design allows addition of detection modes to satisfy specific applications

Features of Multimode Plate Reader

  • Utilizes cytometer based cell counting feature to normalize data sets or acquire values as measured units per cell
  • Fluorescence intensity mode with up to 4-color imaging, with excitation of three colors in parallel, enables visualization of multiple parameters per assay
  • Easily configurable and field upgradeable to change measurement modalities based on your current lab needs
  • Barcode reading function included for traceability
  • Temperature control to 65°C (149°F)
  • LED light source for short illumination, fast set up with laser based auto focus
  • Performs plate shaking operations during measurements