Muscle Strip Myograph System

Muscle Strip Myograph System

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Muscle Strip Myograph System

Features of Muscle Strip Myograph System

  1. For use with skeletal or cardiac muscle or strips ofother muscle types up to 19 mm in length.
  2. Up to four muscle strips can be examined under isometric conditions simultaneously.
  3. Built-in heating, oxygen and suction ports.
  4. Force output is available as direct analog transducer output.
  5. The unit can easily be used with the Stimulator

Specifications of Culture Myograph Systems 

The Muscle Strip Myograph System represents a state-of-the-art 4-channel myograph system for muscle strips of up to 19 mm in length. The system was originally developed to give the skeletal muscle physiologist a highly sophisticated, easy-to-use, robust, high-throughput muscle myograph. The rectangular design of the chamber, however, gives this system the flexibility to mount larger, longer muscle strips of various organs, including larger segments of smooth muscle.