Nitrogen And Protein Analyzer

Nitrogen And Protein Analyzer

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Nitrogen and Protein Analyzer

  1. The most accurate & sensitive nitrogen & protein determination technique
  2. Instantaneous results – no long delays
  3. Environmentally friendly – no chemicals used, less residues & waste
  4. Conformity with multiple standards protocols AOAC, ISO, AACC, AOCS, ASBC etc.
  5. Starts with a combustion stage to burn the sample. Obtains elemental compounds
  6. Water is removed by a first physical trap, positioned after the combustion
  7. Then by a second chemical trap
  8. Between the two, the elemental substances pass through a reduction furnace
  9. The auto-regenerative CO2 adsorbers let pass only the elemental nitrogen that is detected by the innovative Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD) with no requirement for a reference gas