Oilseed Crush Analyser

Oilseed Crush Analyser

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Oilseed Crush Analyser

The Oilseed Crush Analyser helps oil crushers to gain vital process data on liquid and solid material with just one cost-effective analytical unit. Versatile sample presentation allows anyone to get reliable measurements for whole seeds, cake, flakes, meals and oils while true networking capability and simple touch-screen operation keep running costs lower than other solutions. 

Features of Oilseed Crush Analyser


  1. ISO compliant analysis
  2. Rapid analysis of protein, moisture and oil
  3. Low maintenance
  4. Robust design
  5. Factory standardised
  6. Compatible with other DIDAC solutions
  7. Ready to use calibrations for a variety of sample types
  8. Remotely supported through Mosaic network software
  9. Built-in computer with intuitive touch screen interface