Oxidation Stability Reactor

Oxidation Stability Reactor

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Oxidation Stability Reactor


  1. Prediction of the oxidative stability during shelf-life studies
  2. Tests the product at defined time intervals; builds an experimental curve
  3. Evaluation of the adequacy of storage conditions
  4. Evaluation of the best packaging solution
  5. Comparison of the oxidative stability of different formulas for food preparations
  6. Evaluation of the oxidative stability of vegetable oils of different botanical origin
  7. Evaluation of the effectiveness of antioxidants
  8. Information on product oxidation when the oxidation flex is not visible
  9. Especially useful for products with a low fat content (4-5%)
  10. Product oxidation can be achieved by combining the OXITEST with GC
  11. Oxidative stability test of incoming raw materials and outgoing finished products


Specification of Oxidation Stability Reactor


  1. Temperature range: from room temp. to 110 °C
  2. Number of oxidation chambers: 2
  3. Capacity single chamber: up to 100 ml
  4. Pressure range: 0 - 8 bar
  5. Interface: USB
  6. Power: 900 W
  7. Weight: 16.5 Kg (36.3 lb)
  8. Dimensions (WxHxD): 365x190x485 mm (14.6x7.6x19.4 in)