Pen UT Gauge

Pen UT Gauge

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Pen UT Gauge

Pen UT Gauge is designed for inspecting wall thickness of metallic and plastic pipes, boilers, vessels, with a roughness up to curvature radius from 10 mm. Pen UT Gauge may be applied in the chemical, food, oil-and-gas industry, in shipbuilding and ship repair, thermal and atomic engineering, on machine-building and transport agencies, in a municipal economy.

Features of Pen UT Gauge


  1. Built-in double crystal probe operating at 10 MHz
  2. Can often penetrate hard frost
  3. Four preset velocities of the ultrasound with ability to change
  4. Low price
  5. Chargeable via USB Port
  6. Small dimensions and weight
  7. V-correction availability
  8. Can replace the built-in double crystal probe;
  9. Full digital channel
  10. Auto cut-off for external power supply and battery charge