Pensky Martens Flash Tester

Pensky Martens Flash Tester

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Pensky Martens Flash Tester

Determines flash points of a wide range of products by a closed cup method with two option speed stirring of the sample. Extensively used in shipping and safety regulations for detection of contamination by volatile and flammable materials in fuel oils and lubricating oils, and for characterization of hazardous waste samples. Smooth operating cover mechanism slides shutter open and applies test flame at the turn of a knob. Cover fits over brass test cup and includes pilot flame, test flame reference bead, built-in stirrer and plated brass thermometer ferrule.

Specification of Pensky Martens Flash Tester

1. Electrical Requirements


  • 115V 50/60Hz, Single Phase, 6.5A
  • 220-240V 50-60Hz, Single Phase, 3.4A


2. Dimensions


  • 9.5x8x22.5 (24x20x57) with optional stirrer motor installed
  • Net Weight:
  • 21 lbs (9.5kg)
  • 24 lbs (10.9kg)