pH And Conductivity Meter

pH And Conductivity Meter

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pH And Conductivity Meter

The range of combined pH And Conductivity Meters consist of compact bench top system measuring pH, mV and Conductivity. The system has TWO modes of operation namely Standard Mode and GLP mode. In the GLP mode 40 data readings can be stored printed and scanned on display. Also in GLP mode additional entries of sample name and ID name can be stored. The Conductivity system calculates the conductivity at the reference temperature of 25 =/- 0.1 degrees centigrade. The following parts are supplied as standard with this unit:

Combined pH and Conductivity Meter comprising of:

  1. One Glass Bodied pH Electrode
  2. One Constant Conductivity Electrode
  3. One Resonating Temperature Detector
  4. One Electrode Stand
  5. One Operating Manual