Pin On Disc Tester

Pin On Disc Tester

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Pin On Disc Tester

The Pin-On-Disc Machine is a versatile unit designed to evaluate the wear and friction characteristics on a variety of materials exposed to sliding contacts in dry or lubricated environments. The sliding friction test occurs between a stationary pin stylus and a rotating disk. Normal load, rotational speed, and wear track diameter can be varied. Electronic sensors monitor wear and the tangential force of friction as a function of load, speed, lubrication, or environmental condition.

Specification of Pin On Disc Tester

  1. Sliding Speed Range: 0.26-10 m/sec
  2. Disc Rotation Speed: 100-2000 rpm
  3. Maximum Normal Load: 200 N
  4. Frictional Force: 0-200 N
  5. Wear Measurement Range: 4 mm
  6. Pin Size: 3-12 mm diagonal/diameter
  7. Disc Size: 160 mm x 8 mm thick
  8. Wear Track Diameter: 10-140 mm