Pitot Tube Flow Meter

Pitot Tube Flow Meter

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Pitot Tube Flow Meter

The Pitot Tube Flow Meter is used for the direct measurement of engine exhaust gas flow rate on engine and chassis dynamometer test systems. The Pitot Tube Flow Meter provides the exhaust flow rate without requiring a CVS for CO2 tracer or modification to the engine for air and fuel flow measurement.

Features of Pitot Tube Flow Meter

  1. Eight sizes of flow tubes available for flow rates from 2 - 65 m³ / min
  2. Calibration Coefficients and Tube type stored locally on the tube to allow the interface to detect the correct tube and upload the correct Coefficients
  3. Exhaust Pressure Sensor (+/- 10 kPa gauge)
  4. Exhaust pipe connections/seals for high temperature operation (550 ºC)
  5. Quick Coupling for easy connection to the exhaust pipe
  6. Multiple data outputs (analogue, RS-232 or LAN) 10 Hz
  7. Three additional, user configurable data channels such as exhaust pressure, temperature