Plastic Glove Box Isolators

Plastic Glove Box Isolators

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Plastic Glove Box Isolators

1. An economical controlled processing environment for a wide range of manufacturing and testing operations

2. Dual-gasketed side doors and a fully gasketed back permit introduction of small and large equipment

3. Optional gas purge controls automatically

  • Establish a Class 1 particle-free environment
  • Maintain a humidity set point down to 0% RH
  • Minimize system recovery time

4. Arm ports accept a wide variety of gloves, including Terra's accordion sleeve and glove assembly

5. Select single model (with two glove ports) or twin model (with four glove ports)

6. Available in five materials: acrylic, static-dissipative PVC, nondissipative PVC, polypropylene and polycarbonate

7. System options include blower/filter module (for recirculating/purifying exhaust), ionizing equipment (for complete static protection), external fluorescent light or internally-mounted UV light

Features of Plastic Glove Box Isolators

  1. NitroWatch RH Control System
  2. Dual Purge Nitrogen Purge Controller
  3. Universal air lock (other designs available)
  4. Changeable sleeve and glove combination
  5. Powder-Coated Stand
  6. Caster set (two with locking brakes)
  7. Relief/Bleed valve (not shown)
  8. Choice of plastics include dissipative PVC and acrylic