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The Digital Water Plethysmometer is designed to provide a highly useful tool in the measurement of small volume changes. This test is typically used to follow the evolution of the inflammatory response experimentally induced in rodents and to screen potential anti-inflammatory or anti-oedema properties of pharmacological substances. Basically, the volume transducer is formed by two Perspex tubes interconnected and filled with a conductive solution and a platinum electrode for each chamber. All the system is supported by a stand (included) that can be placed over the control unit.

Specification of Plethysmometer

Material Composition

Clear methacrylate (cell), stainless steel (stand), and platinum (electrode)

Maximum Number of Stations

1 per computer (multiple sets availble by request)

Power Requirements

110/220V, 50/60Hz


3 digits, 0.01 steps

Control Unit Width

280 mm

Control Unit Depth

280 mm

Control Unit Height

110 mm

Stimulation Unit Width

230 mm

Simulation Unit Depth

220 mm