Portable Incubator

Portable Incubator

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Portable Incubator                         

It is applied in laboratories in industrial and mining enterprise, universities and colleges, research institutions, Medicine & Health and other units for storage and culturing.


  1. High quality cold rolling steel electrostatic spraying exterior
  2. Stainless Steel inner chamber, semicircular arcs at corners for easy cleaning
  3. Intelligent PID temperature controller, with timing, alarm indicates, Temperature deviation trimming, self-tuning and etc. Cut off the power automatic, when over-temperature limited, ensure the safety of experiments and personnel.
  4. Equipped with a handle, portable for outdoor emergency, vehicle transportation and other venues used, with a door hanger to ensure the door stay closed when moving.
  5. High temperature silicone seal for good leak-tightness Good heat insulation for preventing the loss of heat too quickly Green, energy efficient, low carbon and environmental protection
  6. Surround heating makes the temperature evenness.
  7. It can be used for car or indoor with 12V Voltage.