Preclinical Imaging PET MR 3T

Preclinical Imaging PET MR 3T

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Preclinical Imaging PET MR 3T

  1. Preclinical Imaging In-Vivo Xtreme II
  2. Unprecedented PET resolution up to 0.7mm, with Full Field Accuracy (FFA)
  3. Save precious instrument time with a leading PET sensitivity of 12%
  4. Consistent quantification with attenuation correction based on high quality MRI data
  5. Unique boost of MRI sensitivity and resolution with the MRI for mice and rats
  6. Proven MRI performance with fully featured preclinical user interface, intrinsically supporting multimodal workflows

Technical Data: 


  1. Sharp PET images with new PET Silicon PM detectors deliver consistent and reproducible quantification within the entire FOV, regardless of object size and position
  2. Patented continuous LYSO crystals, unrestrained by discrete layers, and Silicon position sensitive photomultipliers with advanced depth-of-interaction (DOI)detection enable precise 3D localization of events. This eliminates the resolution degradation when moving out of the center of the PET Field-of-View (FOV)
  3. No shielding required: PET technology is fully compatible with high magnetic field strength; spatial resolution and energy resolution are unchanged within the magnetic field
  4. Exceptional count rate performance combined with 12% sensitivity for dynamic and gated studies for high temporal resolution and superior image quality