Preclinical PET SPECT CT System

Preclinical PET SPECT CT System

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Preclinical PET SPECT CT System

  1. Seamless integration of PET, SPECT and CT in a fully shielded, compact footprint
  2. Homogeneous resolution and quantitative accuracy in single or multiple simultaneous animal studies
  3. Accurate dual cardiac/pulmonary PET and SPECT gated imaging
  4. Full range of animal beds and monitoring accessories for optimum productivity
  5. Facilitates integration of PET and MR technologies
  6. Accurate animal positioning with the motorized animal handling system including touch screen operation enables automatic co-registration of images

Technical Data:


  1. Imaging Modalities: PET, SPECT, CT
  2. Core Technologies: Patented continous crystal technology with Row And Column readout + proprietary electronics + HR 3D DOI
  3. Unit Size: Single compact footprint
  4. Shielding: Fully Shielded
  5. Weight: 800 kg
  6. Bore Size: 105