Pressure Myograph System 110PXL

Pressure Myograph System 110PXL

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Pressure Myograph System 110PXL

Features of Pressure Myograph System 110PXL:

  1. Specially designed Pressure Myograph for large arteries or other large tubular tissues
  2. Large optical window for diameter measurement and tissue observation
  3. Stainless steel cannular for easy mounting
  4. Built-in heating to maintain buffer temperature

Specifications of Pressure Myograph System 110PXL:

The Pressure Myograph System - 110PXL is a custom-designed version of the Pressure Myograph System - 110P for use with larger arteries and veins. The chamber includes a set of adapters to accommodate arteries with internal diameters of 2.5 to 6.0 mm. A built-in heating system maintains the chamber temperature, eliminating the need for continuous (and often costly) superfusion. The chamber cover includes ports for superfusion, for rapid draining and filling, for cumulative addition of drugs and for oxygenation. To facilitate cleaning, the chamber is made of stainless steel and is acid resistant.