Pressure Myograph System

Pressure Myograph System

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Pressure Myograph System

Features ofPressure Myograph System :

  1. Study the structure and function of small vessels >60 μm under near-physiological pressures
  2. Ergonomic design to facilitate easy and quick mounting of arteries Simplified precise cannula alignment
  3. Longitudinal force measurement
  4. Combine with fluorescence imaging to study intracellular Ca2+ or pH

Specifications ofPressure Myograph System

The Pressure Myograph Systemis an ideal system used to study the structure and function of isolated sections of small vessels (diameter >40 m) under near-physiological conditions. Vessel diameters can be measured in response to pharmacological and physiological. A built-in heating system maintains the chamber temperature, eliminating the need for continuous and often costly superfusion. The chamber cover includes ports for superfusion, for rapid draining and filling, for cumulative addition of drugs and for oxygenation. As an option, the FlowMeter - 162FM can be added to the system to measure flows between 15-4000 l/min. In studies requiring rapid freezing or fixation of the vessel segment, the Pressure Myograph for rapid freezing - 115FP can replace the standard 110P chamber.