Pressure Myograph System

Pressure Myograph System

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Pressure Myograph System

Features of Pressure Myograph System 

  1. Ideal for rapid freezing or fixation of vessel segments for biochemical or morphological assays after the functional experiment.
  2. Flexible for studying the structure and function of small vessels from >40 m with the ability to rapidly freeze/fix the vessel in the pressurized state.
  3. Features a special chamber made of inert POM to withstand low temperatures and fixatives.
  4. Built-in heating, ideal for pharmacological reactivity work

Specifications of Pressure Myograph System 

The Pressure Myograph System is designed for biochemical or morphological studies where rapid freezing or fixing of the intact, pressurized vessel is required. After rapid freezing or fixation, the vessel can be used in studies such as morphological analysis.  A built-in heating system maintains the chamber temperature, eliminating the need for continuous (and often costly) superfusion. The chamber cover includes ports for superfusion, for rapid draining and filling, for cumulative addition of drugs and for oxygenation. To facilitate cleaning, the chamber is made of acid resistant stainless steel.