Prewarming Module

Prewarming Module

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Prewarming Module

The Prewarming Module MPS/W allows for a fast and efficient prewarming of cassettes and molds as preparation for the embedding process. The mold warmer with lid can be opened completely to ensure an ergonomic work flow throughout the embedding process. The cassette bath offers space for up to 150 standard cassettes. It is removable and easy to clean.

Specification of Prewarming Module

Temperature range

up to 80 °C for cassette bath

up to 80 °C for mold warmer

Cassette bath

Capacity 150 cassettes, removable

261 x 271 x 32 mm

Mold warmer

Capacity up to 500 molds

260 x 220 x 71 mm



programming of temperature, working day, working time, time and date


[W x D x H]

300 x 570 x 295 mm

Weight (w/o accessories)

15 kg

Electrical parameters

230 V; 50-60 Hz (Art.No.: 10180000)

115 V; 50-60 Hz (Art.No.: 10182000)

Pmax: 320 W