Programmable PV Thin Film Thermal Cycling Tester

Programmable PV Thin Film Thermal Cycling Tester

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Programmable PV Thin Film Thermal Cycling Tester

Specification of Programmable PV Thin-Film Thermal Cycling Tester

Exterior dimension

485 * 600 * 600 mm (W*H*D)

Standard Channel

1 channel / module / 300W (max 8 channel/set)

Maximum control Module

8 module / 2.4KW

Method of Test setting

Set Channel (start/stop) ; each Channel single control ,can set different Voltage & Current

Output volt/current range

AC 0~150V/ 0~2000mA(0.1V/1mA/Step) / channel

sample rate & com interface

1Sec~59:59mm:ss (Sample to Controller) , 5sec (Sample to PC) & RS485 or RS232

Continuous Mode 

Select Continuous Mode 
Allow Switch ON-OFF Pulse Set(0~59,59mm:ss), cycle set function(decimal)

Voltage/Current Setting / Max test time

Test Volt.& current –(setting of bias positive volt/current /test positive volt/current setting)/9999.9Hr

Data reading & link number of machines

read /record value of the voltage & current & temp. of channel and T/H values of each Chamber /max 32 Set

Voltage /Current/Temp. Analysis

Recording of the start /sample/ end time of voltage/ current/ temp.

Excel report conversion

Set condition data, measurement data and voltage shortage data converted as Excel file

Power Source

 AC 220V/25A , 50/60Hz