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Pulverizer is used to pulverize the sample after crushing in power plants, coal mines, chemical industry, metallurgy, building material and geology, in which an analysis sample of particulate material is prepared.


  1. Adopt customized vibration motor to realize a high efficiency.
  2. Wear-resistant alloy steel, tungsten carbide and other materials are adopted to improve the wear resistance and prolong the service life.
  3. The clamping mechanism of the bowl body adopts a rapid clamping structure
  4. Equipped with double-layer frame, multi-layer damping measures are taken to reduce the vibration energy, which overcomes the swinging and crawling.
  5. It is easy to install without fixed foundations.
  6. Good safety with power-off switch when open the lid.
  7. Easy operation with pneumatic bowl clamping and pneumatic lid operation
  8. Good safety with power-off switch when open the lid.
  9. Separable structure for motor and off-center assembly for extending the use life of motor