Rapid Flash Tester

Rapid Flash Tester

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Rapid Flash Tester

Rapid Flash Tester provides rapid determinations of flash point or sustained burning qualities by using a small sample. A flash/no flash test result is achieved in one minute for flash points below 212°F (100°C) with a 2mL sample. Ideally suited for quality assurance and environmental compliance testing as well as actual flashpoint for paints, fragrances, hydrocarbons and other liquids. Open cup models are used for determining sustained burning qualities characteristics of mixtures of flammable and nonflammable liquids or liquids with widely different flash points when assessing flammability characteristics.

Specification of Rapid Flash Tester


  • 15x23.4x6.3 (38.1x8.6x16.2)
  • Net Weight: 10 lbs (4.6kg)