Rat Paw Pressure

Rat Paw Pressure

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Rat Paw Pressure

The Randall & Selitto test is based on determination of the animal threshold response to pain induced in the paw by the application of a uniformly increasing pressure. In the paw-pressure, a stimulation unit allows the gradual increase of the pressure applied on the animal paw. The pressure increase is achieved by a step-motor inducing the progressive advancement of a sliding support with a distal conic tip (1 mm diameter). The conic tip is mounted on an extensiometric load cell, making possible the visualization on the digital display of the current force applied at each moment of the test (grams). The motor and tip units are mounted on a pivoting stand preventing any excess pressure on the animal paw.

 Specification of Rat Paw Pressure

Material Composition


Maximum Number of Stations

1 per computer (multiple sets availble by request)

Power Requirements

110/220V, 50/60Hz

Simulation Unit Depth

210 mm

Stimulation Unit Height

166 mm

Control Unit Width

350 mm

Control Unit Depth

350 mm

Control Unit Height

130 mm

Stimulation Unit Width

150 mm