Reciprocating Holder Apparatus

Reciprocating Holder Apparatus

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Reciprocating Holder Apparatus

The Reciprocating Holder Apparatus is ideal for automatic dissolution testing of dosage forms requiring a change of media, smaller volume or more vigorous agitation. Typical products tested include extended release tablets, capsules, transdermals, osmotic pumps and arterial stents.

Features of Reciprocating Holder Apparatus

  1. Simulates the biorelevant conditions for the skin, gastrointestinal tract and tissue required for transdermal, oral drugs and implants with biorelevant temperature agitation rates and retention times.
  2. Tests and transports a variety of samples, saving valuable bench space. Samples are automatically transported from one medium to the next without operator intervention, and can run unattended for up to six days.
  3. Stores up to 15 programs and maintains direct control over timepoints, agitation rate, sampling rate, and movement between vessel rows, hold dip time, and drain time.
  4. Accommodates a variety of dosage form holders.
  5. Supports typical volume configurations of 50, 100 and 300 mL. Additional conversion kits are available that can transition the instrument to support different volumes.