Rectangular Autoclave

Rectangular Autoclave

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Rectangular Autoclave

The Touchclave Lab K Rectangular Series is top-line range of mid-sized rectangular chambered general purpose autoclaves which can be configured to process the widest range of loads.

  • Capacities: 150, 200, 300, 360 and 450-litres
  • Pass-Through: Available on 300-litre models
  • Section: Rectangular
  • Loading: Front
  • Heating Source: Integral steam generator or direct steam supply


  1. 8-program touchscreen control system
  2. Internal data archiving for up to 5000 cycles
  3. Choice of steam generation methods
  4. Water conservation system
  5. Exhaust condensate
  6. Vertical sliding door
  7. Pneumatically operated door lock and sealing system
  8. Load sensed process timer
  9. Efficient water jacket cooling system
  10. Integral silent air compressor