Rolling Thin Film Oven

Rolling Thin Film Oven

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Rolling Thin Film Oven

Double-walled electrically heated convection oven for Rolling Thin Film Oven tests on asphalts. Incorporates all required features per specifications, including: door with double-pane viewing window; symmetrical top and bottom vents; air plenum; squirrel cage-type 1725rpm fan; digital indicating thermostat to control oven temperature at 163 ± 0.5°C; vertical circular carriage to mechanically rotate the samples at ± 0.2rpm; air jets to blow heated air into each sample bottle at its lowest point of travel; and a calibrated flowmeter to control air flow at 4000mL/min. An over temperature cut-off circuit disconnects power to the unit in the event of control failure.

Specification of Rolling Thin Film Oven

1. Dimensions

  • 28x26x23 (71x66x58)
  • Net Weight: 223 lbs (101kg)