Rubber Process Analyzer

Rubber Process Analyzer

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Rubber Process Analyzer

The RPA Rubber Process Analyzer, is the new standard in rotor less rotational shear cure meters. In addition to the standard tests of cure at fixed strain and frequency, the RPA can be configured to include variable strain, frequency, advanced LAOS testing, and sample pressure measurement. The RPA features a wide range torque transducer and variable sealing pressure and pressure sensor.

Features of Rubber Process Analyzer


  1. High resolution variable direct drive motor for absolute strain control
  2. Proprietary high stiffness, wide torque range transducer with high sensitivity for noise free data
  3. Extremely rigid test frame for accurate compliance free data
  4. Upgradeable to the widest range of tests and testing conditions
  5. Fully programmable variable testing parameters (strain, frequency, temperature, and closing pressure)
  6. Available auto sampler for unattended operation
  7. Pneumatic locking cylinders with adjustable platen closing force and pressure sensor
  8. User calibration and user replaceable seals