Shekers KS 4000 IC Control

Shekers KS 4000 IC Control

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Shekers KS 4000 IC Control

  1. Large LED display for speed and time settings
  2. Controls with antimicrobial coating for reduction of bacteria
  3. Integrated PID temperature control
  4. Junction box in the workspace for connection of an additional temperature sensor
  5. Electronic temperature and speed control
  6. Electronic timer switch: 0 – 999 h
  7. Optional built-in cooler for connection to an external cooling unit
  8. Unit switches off automatically if disturbed
  9. Unit stops automatically when hood is lifted
  10. Collecting tray with drain hose on rear of unit
  11. Simple operation.

Specification of Shekers KS 4000 IC Control

Type of movement


Shaker diameter

20 mm

Permissible shaking weight (incl. attachment)

20 kg

Motor rating input

82 W

Motor rating output

24 W

Permissible ON time

100 %

Speed min (adjustable)

10 rpm

Speed range

10 - 500 rpm

Speed display




Timer display

7 segment LED

Time setting range

1 - 59940 min

Operating mode

timer and continuous operation

Touch function


Shaking table lock


Working with microtiter plates


Heat output

1000 W

Temperature display


Temp. stability

0.1 ±K

Temperature range (inlet T>3°C)

room temp. - 10° - 80° °C

Total volume inner chamber

90 l

Height with open hood

875 mm

Dimensions (W x H x D)

580 x 525 x 750 mm