Single Myograph System 320A

Single Myograph System 320A

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Single Myograph System

Features of Single Myograph System:

  1. Manually operated micropositioner for accurate tension control
  2. Can be easily combined with microelectrodes for membrane potential measurements
  3. Easily integrated into an imaging system for simultaneous force measurements and vessel wall fluorescence
  4. Digital output. Data directly piped into Labchart Pro

Specification of Single Myograph System :

The Single Wire Myograph System - 320A is ideal for studying a single vessel with a diameter of 30 mm - 3 mm. The vessel is mounted as a ring preparation by threading it over two parallel stainless steel wires and securing the wires to two supports or "jaws". One support is attached to a precision micrometer, allowing manual control of vessel circumference and stretch. The other support is attached to a force transducer for measurements of force/tension development.The preparation is mounted in a heated 10 ml acid-resistant, stainless steel chamber, which can be covered with a lid featuring ports for rapid suction/draining, refilling and bubbling of oxygen. The base of the chamber contains a window allowing morphological observation or fluorescence measurements on an inverted microscope. Typically, the preparation is kept in the heated vessel chamber in a physiological salt solution at 37°C, bubbled with oxygen where the vessels remain viable