Six Recess Multi Mantles

Six Recess Multi Mantles

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Six Recess Multi Mantles

  1. Individual built-in solid state electronic controls enable easy regulation of heater, while removing sparking associated with mechanical switching
  2. Three 12.7mm diameter support rods are included
  3. Round bottom flask capacity from 100ml to 1000ml at all 6 positions
  4. Top cover is polypropylene and external surfaces are powder coated giving good general chemical resistance
  5. Coiled heating element is suspended within a thermal insulating cartridge to provide maximum heat transfer and support
  6. Earth (ground) screen encloses the heater for added safety
  7. Individual heater cartridges are replaceable

Specification of Six Recess Multi Mantles


Polypropylene top on powder coated aluminium

Max element temperature