Sliding Microtome

Sliding Microtome

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Sliding Microtome

With smooth movement of the sledge, precision specimen orientation, and emphasis on safety and ergonomics, the produces high quality sections for routine histopathology (paraffin), neuroscience (fixed frozen brain) and industrial applications (foam and wood). The stable sliding microtome has a totally enclosed micrometer feeding system with an ergonomically positioned object head close to the user. The smooth running sledge can be locked in 11 positions by using the easily accessible sledge brake.

Specification of Sliding Microtome


The instrument-specific mark CE is located on the name plate.

Operating temperature range:

+10Deg C to +40Deg C

Relative humidity

max. 80% non-condensing

Operating temperature range during storage

+ 5Deg C to +55Deg C

Humidity during storage

< 80 Percent

Section thickness range

0.5–60.0 µm

Section thickness settings

from 0.5–5.0 µm in 0.5 µm increments

from 5.0–10.0 µm in 1.0 µm increments

from 10.0–20.0 µm in 2.0 µm increments

from 20.0–60.0 µm in 5.0 µm increments

Automatic feed

from 0.5–30 µm

Specimen feed

approx. 50 mm

Clearance angle

-3 Deg to 10 Deg