Squeal Rig Dynamometer

Squeal Rig Dynamometer

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Squeal Rig Dynamometer

The Pure is the Squeal Rig Dynamometer within DIDAC. It is a NVH inertia brake dynamometer for basic and advanced NVH testing. It is used to test a variety of vehicle brakes and assemblies. This includes disc and drum brakes from small to large cars as well as brake systems of medium-sized SUVs. The Pure offers a whole range of functions for realistic and fully automatic NVH tests. Due to its various optional features it is able to meet special customer requirements also for sophisticated NVH investigations.

Features of Squeal Rig Dynamometer


  1. Inertia brake dynamometer optimized for NVH investigations
  2. DIDAC clamping angle with standardized hole pattern for easy adaptation of McPherson corner
  3. Two separate machine frames, one for the NVH testing station and the other for the drive unit
  4. Powertrain with sound absorbing housing
  5. Machine frames resting on vibration isolation. No vibrational cross talk to nearby machines
  6. Suitable squeal-rig for climatic chamber supplied by customer