TANDEM Online Tablet Testing

TANDEM Online Tablet Testing

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TANDEM Online Tablet Testing

  1. TANDEM is a fully automatic on-line PAT tool that allows the collection of process data and control the tablet compression process. The system provides both physical and chemical characteristics of pharmaceutical tablets.
  2. Provides tablet physical properties (weight, thickness, diameter, hardness)
  3. Content uniformity analysis; simultaneous quantification of multiple components, such as APIs and moisture content
  4. Full validation with IQ/OQ/PQ documentation and USP/EP protocols


1. TANDEM IIIA stand-alone mode:

  • No connection to a tablet press
  • Manual feed of the tablets into the system
  • No interface to a tablet press
  • Status and results are available as OPC outputs only
  • Controlled by operators

2. TANDEM IIIA integrated, automatic mode:

  • Connected to a tablet press
  • Automatic feed of the tablets into the system
  • Interfaced to a tablet press via OPC (input/output)
  • Controlled by the tablet press