Tensile And Bending Hydraulic Testing Machine

Tensile And Bending Hydraulic Testing Machine

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Tensile And Bending Hydraulic Testing Machine

Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine use oil cylinder down-setting method and four column double screw structure, It is major applied to do stretch, compression, bend and shear test for metal, non-metal material. It is suitable for metallurgy, construction, light industry, aviation, aerospace, material, universities and colleges, R&D institution etc, field, The test peration and data processing are corresponded with the related requirements



  1. The major machine use oil cylinder down-setting method, the stretch room is above the host, compression or bend test room is between host bottom cross grider and working table. Adopts four column double screw structure design, high stability for the whole machine.
  2. Set 10mm sliding plate between the clamp and clamp plate, effectively extend the use life of the clamp plated.
  3. The up and down of bottom cross grider adopts the fan , swing pinwheel reduction gears, chain wheel ,nut screw pair drive achieve adjustment of the stretch and compression test room.
  4. Use import servo valve and high pressure pump in precision control with low noise and stable pressure, dynamical system and operation table are integrated design with easy operation and less test space occupation.
  5. Use closed-loop control system to achieve the closed-loop control of test force, sample deformation, crossgrider displacement and test process.