Thermal Microplate Sealer

Thermal Microplate Sealer

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Thermal Microplate Sealer

For fast, easy, reliable microplate sealing, the Thermal Microplate Sealer has distinguished itself as the premier thermal sealer by offering a well-established platform, robust and compact design, flexibility and versatility with available consumables as well as an easy-to-use interface. The Thermal Microplate Sealer automatically accommodates deep-well, assay, PCR, and compound storage microplates. DIDAC offers a variety of seals for a large amount of applications; more information can be found in our selection guide. The Thermal Microplate Sealer is ideal for robotic integration, featuring an extended-travel plate stage, serial port, and ActiveX control. In order to minimize system downtime when replenishing consumables, the instrument features an easy-to-access top-loading seal roll support.

Features of Thermal Microplate Sealer


  1. Easy to operate – Intuitive touch screen interface simplifies protocol setup
  2. Fast – Fast cycle times with no required cool-down periods for rapid microplate sealing
  3. Flexible – Automatically adjusts to accommodate a wide range of microplates and tube racks, and four types of plate stage inserts provide support for challenging microplate types
  4. Integration – Smallest instrument footprint and numerous proven integrations make the Sealer ideal for system integration